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blueprint for 2017

eat, pray, slay
I know some people, without fail, look to the start of a new year with renewed hope and positivity….and then some of us are pessimists. Not only did 2016 totally suck for me, but I don’t see it getting better in 2017.

But I get it: people want to start afresh at the top of the year, but people also mock those who want to make a fresh start if they happen to fall short.

What a shitty place to be stuck in!
Well, as someone who had a horrible 2016, and someone who is a micromanager planner, I have several resolutions that I am making in the hopes that I will sketch out a better 2017, that I will try my hardest to do in an effort to change the things I can control. So! I will post my resolutions here, and I will invite you to post yours here as well, and we can hold each other accountable! (no pressure)
1. Treat my body more kindly

I usually have a resolution to lose weight, but not this year!!! (this is a big deal, y’all) I want to do things that will help my body be as healthy as it can. So that includes drinking more water, eating a PCOS friendly diet, like, most of the time, and exercise at least three times a week.

As far as this particular resolution goes, I will be documenting this stuff on my blog. From recipes, to meal prep, to meal planning, I plan to let y’all know what I’m eating. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to cook it, and maybe you just like looking at pictures of food. Shruggy guy.

2. Blog regularly

Let’s say, four times a week on average? I also want to see if I can make money doing this. Be your own boss, amirite?

3. Make self care a priority

Essential oils (applied topically and in baths) are a good way to treat PCOS, and massages and baths are also good for mental health. Double whammy! Either way, I am obsessed with Lush so I am stoked AF that something so bomb can be part of my self care routine. Bubblebaths on bubblebaths, y’all!!!

4. Read 50 or more books

I am usually reading multiple books simultaneously anyway, but a concrete number and a concerted effort seems like a decent goal. Also, I love books — who has recommendations for what I should read in 2017?

5. (I am excited about this one) Finish my novel!!!

Though I’ve had the idea for a couple of years (or so) now, I really started hardcore writing it during NaNoWriMo 2016 (my first ever!) but then Emperor Palpatine Donald Trump was elected and it kinda rocked my whole boat/sunk my battleship. If anyone wants info on my novel or thinks I should write a post on something related to writing, drop a line! I’d be happy to chat with you.

Okay! So maybe this is way too fucking ambitious. I really don’t know, but I just figure I should keep myself busy and also do things that move me toward my longterm happiness, health, and career goals.

What are your New Years resolutions?

Happy Almost New Year! See you on the other side.




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