Peachy Keen

allow me to reintroduce myself

My name is Bri. Brianna for long. Miss Meeks if you’re nasty.

(Can I hop/skip/jump from Jay Z to Janet Jackson allusions like that? Like who’s actually with me? Sorry, unnecessary aside aside, let’s get back to the task at hand)

I write — it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. My writing takes various forms, but I generally (enthusiastically and snarkily) write about pop culture and current events. So whether it’s about our Oompa Loompa of a president-elect, racism, sexism, or what celebrities are in the news for varied reasons (in 2016 that reason has almost assuredly been death) I will probably have a take on it. My take will probably be sarcastic. I’ll try and throw in some nuance for good measure.

I eat — I mean, we all do, its necessary for survival. I have a particular interest in eating, which has turned into a particular interest in cooking (this is actually a chicken & egg argument I won’t bother fleshing out). And with my PCOS diagnosis in 2015 — that’s polycystic ovarian syndrome — there is a very particular way I should (but generally don’t) eat. Essentially, PCOS symptoms (which are all the way atrocious) are exacerbated by high glycemic index foods like wheat-based carbs and sugar. My focus will be on eating the healthiest way I can, the cheapest way I can, in the most efficient way I can. So, I’ll have recipes, tips and tricks on healthy meal planning and meal preparation, and also times where I just say “fuck it,” and eat some donuts.

I read — whether its online articles, paper books, or kindle books, I am constantly reading. I’ll keep you updated on what I’m reading, just in case you’re like me and constantly have multiple books in rotation, or like to stay in the know with the newest and dopest articles.

I laugh — a lot; it keeps me going. I plan on writing about the serious things in my life and the world as humorously as possible, but I will also have some culinary WTFs that get deliberate and isolated attention. Because there are so many food combinations, like Twix fluff salad and wine in a cup made of cheese, that need deliberate attention. In fact, let’s keep this thang interactive AF: if you find something food-related and/or otherwise absurd you’d like me to cover, click on the “drop a line” link, and, well, drop me a line. We will get through the confusion that is that recipe together.

Pleased to meet you. Let’s have some fun!




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